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The goal of this Christmas food truck project is to reach out to the community and give back by providing hot meals for the holiday to those who don’t have this necessity on a regular basis. With the assistance of 4-6 food trucks and donations from Starbucks, Trader Joe’s, Give a Leg Up will hire the food trucks and position them throughout the Dallas area to give homeless individuals easy access. This venture projects to feed between 2,000 and 3,000 needy individuals during its annual Christmas Day operation.


Give a Leg Up founder Don Kaye is hoping the Christmas Day food delivery becomes an annual event in Dallas. “I’ve been serving Thanksgiving meals to the area homeless for about ten years now. This year for Christmas we are growing the project to involve local companies. It’s a great way for Give a Leg Up to give back to the community around the holidays.”

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To help this project reach its goals, D&J Sports is asking for donations from anyone who would like to help out during this holiday season. Those who are interested in making a monetary donation can do so by calling D&J Sports @ 1-800-460-7946 or visit our GoFundMe page. Individuals can also make their donations at the Dallas D&J Sports store on Stemmons Freeway or the Plano store, located on Preston Road. The more money the Give a Leg Up raises, the more people we will be able to feed. In fact, 100 percent of the money raised will go toward purchasing the food truck meals.

In addition to monetary donations, Give a Leg Up also needs individuals who are willing to donate some of their time to help feed the needy on Christmas Day. Individuals who are interested in volunteering in one of the food trucks should contact D&J Sports at the above number.

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Give to the “Give a Leg Up” campaign and help us help the needy who are hungry on Christmas Day.

Update: December 2021 – This year we are raising money to provide clothing for the needy, due to Covid we are not able to provide the food trucks, but we are raising money for jackets, blankets, socks, hats, shoes and more to help the less fortunate. Please help us reach hundreds of our neighbors on Christmas Day and give some hope to those in need. Clothing donations are also welcome, and volunteers for handing out items please call 214-475-3352. Thank you!
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Hi friends and family!

The coronavirus pandemic has contributed heavily to an alarming rise in the number of homeless people living in the city of Dallas. We have been raising money through our charity, Give a Leg Up, to feed the needy and homeless for the past 9 years now. Because of the pandemic, we have even more people in need of help! We wish we could serve food through food trucks like years past, but we need to take extra precautions due to Covid-19.We have decided to help in a different way this year! We plan to purchase warm weather jackets, sweatshirts, socks, and hats. Our family will hand out some of the warm clothing on the streets near The Bridge and other areas near downtown Dallas and will be donating the rest to local shelters here in Dallas.

Last year, we served over 2,000 people. In order to hand out that many items, we are trying to reach our goal of serving more people. If you are able to, please consider donating and making an impact on our immediate community. Wishing you health and happiness this holiday season,

The Knubowitz Family


  1. Gayle & Steve Meeks · December 25, 2016

    We want to say thank you for allowing us to come volunteer to help this morning. I can say I feel
    More blessed than the homeless we served.

    One man prayed with a group of us. We all held hands to while he prayed. I have to say I definitely started to get misty eyed during that prayer!

    One man shared he is a veteran and we had a lengthy conversation about his life and what he used to do for a profession. He now helps with security at the Austin Street Shelter and helps pick up the trash keeping the shelter clean. He said they allow him to go into the church by himself sometimes to pray. He pointed out many veterans that were homeless and we were serving.

    One man said he’d been homeless 7 days. My heart sank to think how broken he must feel inside.

    One lady asked me to watch her stuff as she went to get coffee and cried when I handed her a cinnamon roll.

    All were very gracious. All were thankful and most had desparity in their eyes.

    I feel the blessing I had today serving them was bigger than anything we gave.

    God bless you for this program!! If you’ll have us, we’d love to do it again next year.

  2. Janice Prince · December 25, 2019

    Hi my name is Janice prince I would live to volunteer to help every thanksgiving and Christmas or when needed

    • Swim Guy · December 27, 2019

      Thanks Janice, we will get together for Christmas next year.

  3. Billie Baker · December 25, 2019

    I was homeless and I’d love to volunteer to help others…

    • Swim Guy · December 27, 2019

      Thanks Billie, we will get together next year for Christmas and we are hoping to add more food trucks and locations stay tuned for more updates later in the fall.

  4. Lisa Wilcox · December 25, 2021

    I just heard about this on NBC 5 news! I would love to help volunteer next year for Thanksgiving/Christmas please! I have a small business I started in September, hopefully next year I can donate meals/clothing/accessories, at least my time! Thank you for starting this program, the world needs more kindness goodness like y’all! Thank you!
    Lisa Wilcox

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