D Magazine: Give a Leg Up to Set Up Food Trucks On Christmas Day to Feed People in Need


Last year, Don Knubowitz funded three food trucks to set up near Fair Park area and feed people who otherwise might not have had any sort of special Christmas dinner.  Don is the owner of D&J Sports in Dallas and has helped feed the homeless on Thanksgiving for the last several years.  On Christmas last year, Pompeii DFW, Eat Jo Dawgs, and ParrotIcce participated.  Don funded the event himself  and along with the food truck operators, was able to feed 1,000 people. This year, Don set up a 501(c)3 organization called Give a Leg Up to raise money and add more trucks.  This year, Jack’s Chowhound is also going to participate as well.  The team is hopes to triple the number of people  fed with a GoFundMe project. The donations will go towards the cost of goods and help the food truck operators who are foregoing profits, donating their time, gas, employees, and propane to make it a success. Don is also looking for help, so if you want to volunteer on Christmas afternoon, he can be reached at givealegup@givealegup.org.